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Do Parents Need to Take Control of Childhood Obesity?

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Do parents need to take control of childhood obesity?
Looking at Childhood Obesity Statistics and Various Causes
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Do parents need to take control of childhood obesity?
Childhood obesity has been increasing over the last 2-3 decades at an alarming rate. The U.S. Surgeon General says that in the last two decades the percentages of overweight children has tripled (“Surgeon General’s call”, 2012). Being obese can affect more than just health. For a child, being obese can cause physical, social, and psychological damage, and can ultimately affect the child’s overall quality of life which can follow the child into adulthood (Maziak, Ward, & Stockton, 2007). The food industry has not made significant improvements to production or food marketing toward children. Therefore parents must take control of childhood obesity to help with a better future for America’s youth. Research suggests that childhood obesity rates will continue to rise because children are targeted by marketing strategies, the food industry is not showing signs that substantial changes to marketing and production targeting youth that are needed will happen any time in the near future and also because the evolution of society has aided in creating a sedentary lifestyle.
Health and government officials have seen alarming statics in the increase of childhood obesity rates. The increase and health concerns have had severe enough increases that officials are referring to the situation as an epidemic. Some of the risk factors associated with obesity are high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Two of the leading causes of death in the United States are heart disease and cancer, obesity is a large contributing factor to these diseases (“Unregulated Food Advertising, 2012). Because of the seriousness of the health…...

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