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Do We Have to Allow Abortion

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Should We Allow Abortion

A baby is a human being, even if he is in his mom’s stomach. This action is not a new one, but the real debates about it have just begun because of the taboos that Islam impose. Abortion means to kill a baby when he or she is just a fetus. It has a lot of reasons, it can be wanted or sometimes a woman aborts for health reasons. However, a baby is a gift from God, and a mom who kills her baby knows that and has strong reasons to kill her own creation. Abortion may be prohibited by Islam, but nowadays, this act is considerate as a subject of conflicts between pros and cons. Therefore, I completely agree with those who fight to allowed abortion.
Opponents of abortion say that this act is a crime and to kill a baby for any reason is against the law in Morocco and the punishment is prison and sometimes death penalty. They do not care on the reasons; So what can they say if I tell them that health is a reason that cannot be discussed? I found some cases that show that if a mother gives birth to a baby, she will die. Don’t they see that it is a danger for the mother? What will happen to this baby without his mother? In this case, there are some extreme cases in which the mother has AIDS or a handicap that will affect the baby. Are these risks to take just to have a baby? To care about the feelings of the baby, when he will growth is very important. It reminds me a French dwarf couple, the woman got pregnant, all her entourage told her to abort but she was against this idea. She gave birth to a normal baby. This baby became a boy who suffers from his parents’ image; he tried to kill himself more than once, and every time he told his parents this hurtful sentence:” you…...

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