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Do We Really Need Another Facebook Ceo?

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Do we really need another Facebook CEO?
Facebook share price has been falling since it became listed and Mark Zuckerberg has remained silent on the issue. Does he realize that he now owes millions of investors an explanation? Is this a sign that we need a more experienced CEO?
Facebook has lost about 50% of its value since its initial public offer (IPO) on May 2012. According to The economist, after it opened at 38$ per share, ‘It dropped by 8% after hours on July 25th when Zynga, a games company that uses Facebook as a base, reported poor quarterly results, and by another 10% after Facebook’s own figures came out the next day. It has fallen further since. On August 1st Facebook’s shares closed at $20.88, and is predicted to continue to fall as the lock-up periods begin to expire.
Investors Reaction
Investors have enough reasons to be furious. A series of recent negative events, especially the admission of 83 milion fake accounts and the announcement of a loss for 2nd quarter of 2012 have left investors doubting the future of facebook. Worse still, there has been no word from the CEO. Investors need all the reassurance and explanation they can get at this time. His silence has led to the questioning of his ability to lead Facebook.
What kind of leader is Mark Zuckerberg?
Mark Zuckergberg’s leadership has been linked to a couple of leadership styles. He has been referred to as a visionary, as he is highly driven with the vision to connect people all over the world. He is sometimes grouped among transformational leaders; he is said to have changed the way in which friends communicate. However, as stated by Tudor R (2011), ‘visionary leaders may be associated with a dark side’. The IPO flop may be a part of the ‘dark side’. Despite the fact that a clause was included in the IPO prospectus ‘that revenues were unlikely to keep pace with the growth in its...

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