Do You Know How to Communicate Effectively with Different Communication Styles?

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Do you know how to communicate effectively with different communication styles?
AB221: Customer Service

“The Impact of Communication Styles on Customer Services”

When we think of communication styles through customer service what immediately comes to mind is spoken words (tone or language), body language (cross arms or stance), engagement and professionalism. But that’s not all that communication styles entail. Customer Service is built on a foundation of communication, acknowledgment and response. (Everson 2007) It’s important to understand how to deliver effective customer service to internal and external customers. Though do we really understand the communication styles that we relate to more effectively, is the question. There are three basic communication styles that a customer service or consumer might fall into, they are the following; (Gibson 2008/2012)
Aggressive- poor listener, sarcastic, know it all and loud.
Passive- hesitant, allows others to make decision for self, self-effacing and low tone.
Assertive- active listener, confident, fair/just and attentive.
Once we have been able to identify the category we fall into, we also can learn to adapt to the other communication styles. This will allow for us to understand on how to be more assertive on handling the flow of communication, whether it’s via the phone, in person, through email or mail. Remember our goal at the end is to provide a perfect product, providing friendly and delivering effective resolution in a timely fashion. (Inghilleri, Solomon 2010)

Dear Walmart Superstore Corporation,
On August 20, 2014, I visited a Miami Walmart Superstore. I was there needing to buy some last minute items for my son whom was going to a local University nearby. After being in the store for about 15 minutes, I was starting to head towards the isle that had towels, pillows, blanket, etc. There was…...

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