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(DQ1) Do you think the judicial branch is the least dangerous branch of government, as the video discusses? Why or why not? Discuss one example you think demonstrates the power of the Supreme Court.
Jina’s Response: The Judicial Branch was called "the least dangerous branch" by Alexander Hamilton because they could not be influenced by one side or another, simply have the job of give the "right and necessary" decision on the cases. They can not or will force, their decision will be for judgement. Thus, it's roles and power would be limited. Although, the power is for judgement, they are truly slow. When a case is chosen, it pass months and more months after the decision can be reached, and for me, if they are there for judgement, why the wait?; I understand, the cases are several, but taking months for a decision is just "ridiculous" for me. The opinions about the power they have are really disperse. Some think the Judicial Branch has not power at all, as Alexander Hamilton once said, just for judgement, because the Congress has control over almost all. But many others think that the Judicial Branch it is the most dominant branch of the government, because its power influence each individual of this Nation. I agree, in part, the Judicial Branch has become very powerful, but surely is not the most powerful. Other branches of the government have clearly more power and control of many issues of the society. For example the Executive Branch or the Congress. They can pass "unfair" laws, but the Executive Branch will enforce them.

The power of the Judicial Branch too far, with the 1803 case of Marbury Vs. Madison. In this case, was the first time that the Supreme Court declared a Federal Law as "unconstitutional".
Please Reply 2 Jina Here:

(DQ2) What are the implications for judicial review on American democracy? Should any branch of...

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