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Nanda was born on October 10, 1915 in Punjab. He was raised on Manora Island at the entrance to the Port of Karachi. His parents were simple, god fearing people belonging to the Punjab middle class. His father, Mathra Das, came from a village near Gujranwala (today in the Pakistan part of Punjab), about half an hour train jounney from Lahore. His Mother Pooran Devi, came from a nearby village. He was the first-born among their seven children: three boys and four girls.
Tharavati, the eldest girl, died young at Manora. Another sister Sita married Onkar Nath Saigal who finally retired from the Western Railway. His brother Gulzari joined the signal branch of the Army and retired as a Lieutenent Colnel and died a bachelor.Yet another sister Shiela, married a Naval Engineering officer, who served to the Indian navy for 35 year and retired as Rear Admiral.Shakunthala or ‘Kunti, his youngest sister also married into the Navy. Her husband Vidya Sagar Laroya,retired in 1989 as a Commadore. From Logistic branch. Kunti died of cancer in 1988. His youngest brother Mohan was a very handsome guy. He wore his Air Force fighter pilot’s uniform, successfully courted and married Pramila. He died tragically in an air crash in Hyderbad on the second anniversary of his marriage.
Admiral S.M. Nanda completed primary education at Manora and secondary education at N.J. High school in Karachi. After finishing high school he got a job in the port and pilotage Department . He got married in 1936 at the age of 21 to a charming young lady, Sumitha, who hapened to be the sister-in-law of a frien of his father.
He had originally applied to the Supply branch of the Navy and appeared an interview on 25th sept 1941. However He found himself assigned tio the executive branch of the Royal Indian Navy and was commissioned on…...