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Design Brief for presentation station by Elite Designing Company Product Descriptionor Scope (What) | * A presentation station and portable mechanism enabling users to easily exhibit the products and projects. It keeps all the projects and products in open position public exhibiting hall which facilitates exhibiting simple posters, display of printed pictures, PowerPoint presentations, and video clips demonstration of power driven models and so on, the presentation station can be sold for about 1000 DHS. | Product Concept (How) | * It may have adjustable flat surfaces of LED monitor sizes with inserts or clamps to keep the monitor insecure place. | Benefitsto be delivered(How) | * Exhibits simple posters. * The product is portable. * Fitted with flexible light for optimal positioning. * Dramatically reduces the time required for viewing posters. * Can be considered as essential decorative furniture that adds touch to places. * Can be presented to executives, VIP's, meeting places, etc. if made of precious materials and carefully crafted. | Positioningor Business Goalsand Target Price | * This is a luxury item that is used by professionals and may be seen as a status symbol and therefore should be attractive, strong and elegant. The purpose of this product is to serve a need of the affluent society and thus be present well in the higher end of the market. * Product release is aimed for December 2015 with an expected gross margin of 50% and a dominant position in the market share. * The targeted sale price is 750 - 1000AED. | Target Market(To whom to sell) | * University professors, Company executives, Lawyers, Accountants, Auditors, authors, researchers, students writing theses, design offices. | Assumptionsand Constraints | * The table is made of wood and Aluminum only. * Special machinery is needed for its manufacture....

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