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I worked as an assistant manager from 2005 to 2007 at Vertigo clothing in Canal Walk after which I moved onto Foschini where i am employed as an Admin Manager to date in the Canal Walk branch, the biggest branch by turnover.

Identify opportunities
Ability to identify and develop team
Able to consistently improve on previous performance

My leadership style is to invlove the entire team and use each staff member to thier strengths. Some staff are better at admin where as some are better at merchandising. By optimising on each persons ability I get the best out of my team. I Use the 80;20 princilple in doing that. I aslo focus on the weakness that each staff member has so that they become much more accomplished individuals in the business and get to understand the overall business operations. My leadership style is delegate tasks to staff for them to take ownership of situations whilst guiding them through the process.

To apply for the position of Store Manager you must be logged in & complete any required screening questions. | | | | | | Please note: before you can apply for this job, you must have a complete CV | | | | | | | | | | | | Application Questions: | | | | | | | 1. Do you have Matric or an equivalent qualification? | | | | | | 2. Do you have a relevant tertiary qualification? | | | | | | 3. Are you willing to work long, flexible hours? | | | | | | 4. Are you willing to work over weekends and on public holidays? | | | | | | 5. Please give a brief description of your relevant working experience. | | | | | | 6. Please provide 3 characteristics of a good leader. | | | | | | 7. How would you describe your leadership style? | | |...

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