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Doctor Losses His License

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A woman named K.M is having twins, one boy and one girl. The baby boy fetus was not healthy; he has possible heart defect and Down syndrome. She went to her ob-gyn named Dr. Matthew J. Kachinas to talk about aborting the baby boy fetus. In January 2006 he agreed to treat her with selective termination. K.M went to her ob-gyn and discussed the selective termination to her. Dr. Matthew J. Kachinas told K.M that he has lack of experience of this procedure. After K.M had the selective termination, she came back a week in a half later and done an ultrasound and it revealed that the wrong fetus was alive. The baby boy was still alive and not the healthy girl fetus. Several days later K.M went back to her ob-gyn and got the other fetus terminated too because that fetus is the one she wanted terminated in the first place. Dr. Matthew J. Kachinas the ob-gyn blames the ultrasound for his mistakes. Kachinas was charges and lost his license. K.M got a $250,000 liability settlement. The precise ethical issue here is individual rights. K.M lost both of her twins because of her ob-gyn Dr. Matthew J. Kachinas. He shouldn't have done that procedure if he didn't know what he was doing. K.M and her husband had other alternatives than to have the selective termination. They could have kept both twins, they also could of got another doctor that knew what he/she was doing for the selective termination. K.M and her husband lost both of the twins, not just one but both of the twins. They both wanted to abort the fetus because of possible heart defect and Down syndrome. They ignored the fact that Dr. Kachinas lacked the experience for the procedure, when K.M. and her husband had other alternatives than to get the selective termination. K.M knew that Dr. Matthew J. Kachinas lacked the experience with the selective termination but she and her husband still went along with...

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