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The PRECEDE-PROCEED model provides a comprehensive structure of assessing health and quality of life needs and for designing, implementing, and evaluating health promotion and other public health programs to meet those needs.
PRECEDE: (Predisposing, Reinforcing, and Enabling Constructs in Educational Diagnosis and Evaluation) outlines a diagnostic planning process to assist in the development of targeted and focused public health programs. It has four phases * Phase 1: Social Diagnosis- Identifying the ultimate desired result. * Phase 2: Epidemiological, Behavioral, and Environmental Diagnosis- Identifying and setting priorities among health or community issues and their behavioral and environmental determinants that stand in the way of achieving that result, or conditions that have to be attained to achieve that result; and identifying the behaviors, lifestyles, and/or environmental factors that affect those issues or conditions. * Phase 3: Educational and Ecological Diagnosis- Identifying the predisposing, enabling, and reinforcing factors that can affect the behaviors, attitudes, and environmental factors given priority in Phase 2. * Phase 4: Administrative and Policy Diagnosis- Identifying the administrative and policy factors that influence what can be implemented.
PROCEED: (Policy, Regulatory, and Organizational Constructs in Educational and Environmental Development) guides the implementation and evaluation of the programs designed using PROCEED. It has four phases that cover the actual implementation of the intervention and the careful evaluation of it, working back to the original starting point – the ultimate desired outcome of the process. * Phase 5: Implementation – the design and actual conducting of the intervention. * Phase 6: Process evaluation. Are you actually doing the things you planned to do? * Phase 7: Impact…...

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