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JANUARY 2012 Semester

1. Introduction 2

2. Importan skills that employers looking for in the future graduates. 3

2.1. Communication skills 4

2.2. Critical thinking and problem solving skills 5

2.3. Teamworking skills 6

2.4. Lifelong learning and information literacy 7

2.5. Leadership skills 8

3. Suggestions for future graduates, goverment bodies or educational institutions in Malaysia to ensure that future graduates are equipped with skills 9

4. Conclusion 11

References 12


Malaysia is now a highly motivated developing country with vision to archieve status as developed country. With the mushrooming of the public and private educational institutions in Malaysia, a huge pool of graduates has been created. Obtaining a degree from institute of higher education in local or overseas has become necessary in order to get a good job with nice salary. However, in this challenging world, competition is everywhere.

The excerpt from Education Malaysia, (July, 2006) had indicated that unemployment rate in Malaysia seemed to be increasing. One reason for this problem is that the focus of higher education institutions and the needs of the labour market for graduates are not as compatible as they were twenty years ago. The labour market now is more competitive and volatile. Now, Malaysia is facing a new economic trend based on worldwide demand such as globalization, capital flows, and stock exchange that effect the economy and workforce trends. In the globalization era,…...

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