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An initiation or rite of passage is something that happens to an individual that changes them mentally, physically, or both. In reading Doe Season you find out about a young girl that is 9 years old that has something happen to her that brings about a rite of passage. The author, David Kaplan, bases the story around a young girl (Andy short for Andrea) who is going hunting for deer with her father, father friend (Charlie), and fathers’ friends’ son (Mac). Going to the woods where they are going hunting for deer, Mac takes jabs at Andy about how small she is and how she cannot shoot because she is a girl. Her father sticks up for her and says that she can shoot and that she even has something about her that attracts animals to her so that is good for them. Fast forward towards the end of the story, Andy hears a deer and is given the opportunity to shoot it. Andy then has an internal conflict about whether or not to shoot the deer but does so anyway because of the pressure being out on her and that is where the rite of passage begins. The deer is shot square in the chest by Andy but does not die and runs off immediately and that is where Andy’s’ guilt and regret set in. Later at the campsite she see’s the deer she shot while everyone is sleeping and proceeds to walk up to the deer and touch it where she had shot it in the chest and she feels even worse. Andy doest tell anyone about seeing the deer and just goes back to bed. Later in the day, Andy and the rest go hunting for the deer she had shot the previous day. They find it dead in the woods and Andy’s father takes out his knife and exposed the deer’s underside and Andy takes off running away and that is where the rite of passage came full circle. This rite of passage changed Andy because she was trying to be one of the guys but after actually shooting and killing a deer, she realized that what she thought it was, wasn’t it at all. Once you see something you cannot un-see it or forget it and once you take a life, you cannot give it back and that is what changed Andy. In paragraph 175 on page 350, Andy was running back to the campground after seeing her father begin to cut open the deer and she thinks to herself, as they are calling after her, “Andy! Andy! but that isn’t her name anymore; she would no longer be called that.” This particular rite of passage or initiation is important because it changed Andy and in a sense, took away her childlike innocence and perception of what she thought hunting was by taking the life of the deer and especially after shooting it. She immediately had remorse and regret. A similar rite of passage or initiation was when I was on the Metro and witnessed a mother with her son trying to teach him how to catch the train to school. This is similar to Doe Season because rites of passage are not always pretty. The mother was trying to help her son with the color coding of the train lines and the specific stops he had to get off at but when he wasn’t picking it up at her speed and fully grasping the concept she began to yell at him, “Figure it out or you will be stranded! I don’t have time for this,” and as the boy cried standing there, she then left him with a Smart Trip fare card and boarded the next train while leaving him standing there to figure it out.

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