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Does Capitalism Improve Justice in Our Society

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Ethics Essay
Assignment One: Case Study

Name: Ali Hamlin-Paenga
Course: Business Law and Ethics Thics Component
Lecturer: James Battye
Date: March 28 2015

I declare that this essay is entirely my own work and that it has not been copied from other peoples work. If the work and ideas of others have been used in this essay, the work has been properly cited in the text.

Who Comes First

Moral and ethical dilemmas within a business context are common in any workplace and not without challenges. Ethics deals with individual character and the moral rules that govern and limit our conduct. It investigates questions of right and wrong, fairness and unfairness, good and bad duty and obligation, and justice and injustice, as well as moral responsibility and the values that guide us (Shaw, Bradley, Issa, Catley, 2013). Theories and principle’s associated to morality and ethical issues allow us to be able to articulate the complex challenges that may arise. Often these theories are governed by individual values or as Shaw et al. (2013) points out our conscience developed as we internalized the moral instructions of the parents or other authority figures that raised us.
This essay will discuss the consequentialist theory of utilitarianism and issues associated to making decisions based on morality.

The case study tells us the factory is located in a small town and that it is the only local employer that offers decent wages. The Managing Director has advised Fred that sales have been poor over the last fiscal year and despite having to maintain production costs must be cut. The General Manager has then instructed Fred that his department has to be reduced by 8 people so head office expectations can be met.
Several moral issues arise out of this situation for Fred to deal with as the person responsible for making the final...

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