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Chiwai Lai
Business 101
Dr. Asish Satpathy
Reflective essay
Am I better prepared today for my dream career (after taking this class)?

Information trends to be the root in business world because any information could spread out all over the world in a moment by uploading to the Internet, where is as same as public. At this moment as I am a new student of University of California Riverside, my primary focus of my major of Business Administration is to understand and to analysis what business world is, how the trend of business goes, how business would runs and what elements of business world is accounted a higher percentage etc. Thinking of that Management of Information system (MIS) is the easiest class of the entire business school (SoBa) is my first thought about this course, but when this course was half way gone, then it turns out that I was wrong because MIS is involved many technologies and knowledge that are both simple and complicated, such as Microsoft Access and ArcGIS.
Since that the course has given students many concept of MIS, and the basis of the basic concept in my point of view is that the information system is to provide information in order to support a manager to operate a company. As the basic, I would try to pursue a manager in my career life because manager is a challenging position of a company, and its job is to lead and to organize a group of employees to be efficient and performative to take any challenge of a company in order to achieve a goal. Decision-Making is a fundamental prerequisite of each of the foregoing process, and organizing, planning and controlling the function and work of business has to be gone through Management of Information System, which is primary action; therefore, the goal setting will be specified and be able to achieve.
Business process that accomplish a specific organizational goal, which is defined as a...

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