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Does Justice Ever Fail Us

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Does Justice Ever Fail Us? | CRJ 100 – Introduction to Criminal Justice | Lori Baker
12/1/2013Professor Phylancie Nashe |

No matter where you turn, you are going to hear about crime. You don’t always get to hear about the outcome though. It gets press time when it is a big case, but what about the others? Do you ever wonder what happens when it is a case that the media doesn’t think is important? Every crime deserves its day in court to get justice where it is deserved. Take the case of Catherine Fisher and her fight for justice against a man who raped her. Sounds like an open and shut case, right? Man rapes woman. Woman identifies him. He is charged and serves his time. This isn’t what happened in this case. Catherine Fisher was raped in Japan by Bloke Deans while he was in the U.S. Navy. He never served any time for his crime. “In November 2004, a Tokyo court ordered him to pay ¥3 million after Fisher filed and won a civil suit against him, but there was no jurisdictional authority to force payment.” (McNeill, 2013, para. 15) Most people would feel defeated at this point and just let it go. Catherine Fisher didn’t do that though; she fought back. She tracked him to the U.S. and brought a case against him on his turf. The case was heard by the Milwaukee County Circuit Court, and they enforced the civil judgment. I don’t think the case that heard it was the right one for the circumstances. “Article 17 (of the Status of Forces Agreement) gives the U.S. military the primary right to exercise jurisdiction over its own personnel for crimes committed in Japan while ‘on duty’.” (McNeill, 2013, para. 23) Basically, the U.S. military gave Deans an honorable discharge and sent him home. The military courts should have made Deans accountable for his actions. While Ms. Fisher shouldn’t have had to track him down to get justice, she did make history. “...the…...

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