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Does Management Accounting Play Role in Planning Process?

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Journal of Business Research xxx (2009) xxx–xxx

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Journal of Business Research

Does management accounting play role in planning process?
Fabio Frezatti a,⁎, Andson B. Aguiar a,b,1, Reinaldo Guerreiro a,2, Maria A. Gouvea a,2 a University of Sao Paulo, School of Economics, Business Administration, and Accounting, Av. Prof. Luciano Gualberto 908, FEA3, Cidade Universitária, São Paulo City, 05508-900, State of São Paulo, Brazil b Fucape Business School, Av. Fernando Ferrari, 1358, Boa Vista, Vitória-ES, 29075-505, Brazil

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This study examines the relationship between management accounting and planning profiles in Brazilian companies. The main goal is to understand the consequences of not including a fully structured management accounting scheme in the planning process. The authors conducted a field research among medium and large-sized companies, using a probabilistic sample from a population of 2281 companies. Using analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and statistical cluster analysis, the authors grouped the entities' strategic budget planning processes into five profiles, after which the authors applied statistical tests to assess the five clusters. The study concludes that poor or fully implemented strategic and budget-planning processes relate to the management accounting profiles of the Brazilian organizations studied. © 2009 Published by Elsevier Inc.

Article history: Received 1 March 2009 Received in revised form 1 September 2009 Accepted 1 November 2009 Available online xxxx Keywords: Management accounting Strategic planning Budget

1. Introduction The business environment has become increasingly volatile and unpredictable in recent decades, and business management has become correspondingly more complex. In particular,…...

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