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Does Money Motivate?

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Make sure employee satisfaction
Through the end of the year, Tesco will invited all their staff to take part in a staff satisfaction survey which gives them chance to say out their opinion on almost every aspect of their job. After that, the management will make sure they are offering the good things to their staff to keep them motivated. Some of the benefit from the result are available to their employee such as : * Tesco offer their employee a lifestyle break from 4 to 12 weeks off work and make sure the job is still maintain at the end. * Tesco also offer their employee career break between 6 months and 5 years away from work right of return. * Tesco offer their pension employee award-winning scheme which provided clearly defined and long term benefits

Motivation through trainning and development
Tesco encourage their employee through some trainning and development chances. We believe that everyone in the world need to success not just to the trainning but they need to hardworking to do their job well and also to become a leadership to train to gow within the company. Tesco also offers some strategic career planning to help their employee to reach their goals.
In the year 2009, Tesco had appointed about 3000 managers and 80 % of them come from internally. Tesco management had an annual career discussion with all of the employees, Tesco also mention about the development of the whole person and had carried out a system of 360 degree feedback. Personal development tool would provides feedback from a selection of people which the employee work. Through this will helps the employee to understand their action, strengths and weak point within the workplace as others see them. The main point of the programme is to 'Take People with You' and 'To Gain the Hearts and Minds of Others' in order to improve individuals and get things done...

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