Does the Cultural Environment Influence Lifespan Development More Than Our Genes?

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Does the Cultural Environment influence Lifespan Development more than our Genes?

This debate has been ongoing for a long period of time where some believe that cultural environment influence lifespan development while others are against the claim. The argument that cultural environment influence the lifespan development of an individual more than genes is true as it is argued that culture is an evolution which is a process that is very different from genetic evolution by natural selection, and it is playing the central role in the production of people’s behavior (Guest, A.M 2011). Genes does not dictate how development will go what they do is that they participate together with the environmental influences in making some of the developmental outcomes to happen. It is also true that genes are involved in human behavior as for every aspect of a person’s phenomenon it is due to the interaction between the environment and the genome. An example that shows how gene is involved in our behavior is in the degree in which we use vision to adjust ourselves, like hitting a baseball and selection of new clothes for kids. The reason behind this is because we have genetically evolved to be sight animals whereby our perception system that is dominant is vision and the next one is hearing. The information that is in our DNA that is supposed to produce morphology and physiology which makes sight very important to us has been molded by natural selection (Guest, A.M 2011).
According to evolutionary psychology it claims that most of the human behavior gets universally fixed because of the natural selection which happens during the environmental evolutionary assumption. It is argued that natural selection produces modules which are complex structures that are organized for processing information in the brain and the things that it tells us are the type of individuals who are likely…...