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Hachiko:a dog's story Hey! it's a nice movie...You know I really loved dogs and this story about dogs really touched me. It's not because he rescued someone or do something heroic but this is something different. Among the dog's movies that I ever watched this is the story that I truly like and I can't help of sharing this for you. There was a dog which should be delivered in a certain place but apparently the dog lost in travel. Then there was a man found that cutie dog along the road. The man brought that dog in his home because when he found that puppy there are no identification or location where the dog should be delivered. At that night the man watching television with his new pet. afterwards, he go upstairs and sleep with his wife. Suddenly, the puppy realize that he was already alone in the room. So, he push the door and try to find the man...while looking around he found stairs and decided to go up there. He saw someone sleeping on the he move closer and he tounged the feet that he saw at the bottom of the bed. Then, a women shouted and so frightened that makes her husband awake. The man explained to his wife about that puppy. Because of the disturbance that causes by that dog the man lazily raise in bed and decided to bring back the puppy in the room where in left it. But the problem is the puppy follow him again and again for that he decided there to stay for a while He gets a bowl of popcorn and share it with that naughty puppy. Yet, the man fall asleep with that puppy:) The next day they are waiting if someone will claim the puppy. Few days had passed but nobody's looking for that puppy so the couple decided to sell it. The man and the puppy oftenly plays together. He try to train that puppy..,he throws ball but the puppy don't get the ball..(naughty pet!) The treats that puppy like their family. Then, one day someone calls asking about that puppy but the women refuse to deal it 'cause she can saw that her husband and the puppy became more closer. She also observed that this puppy brings joy to his husband as well as to her. The puppy became special for them. They named it Hachiko because it's written on a tag that tied on his neck. Even in his work the man brought that dog. When Hachi grew...he still coming with that man up to the train station. When the man already rode in the train...Hachi wait outside the train station until the man came back again from his work. It's always be the routine of that dog. It's very fond to the man. The train station guard knows Hachi even the hamburger vendor and the meat seller 'cause everyday they are passing there. Hachiko became jelousy because of the new baby that catch the attention of the men. It's the child of his daughter. Maybe, the dog thought that the attention now of this man is not all focus to him. Eventhough there's a new comer in this man's life Hachiko has a special place in his heart. There were times that this man visit the dog house just to gave a massage for Hachi when the dog is not feeling well or sometimes not on its mood. The dog eyes always on his man. Their bondings became much stronger. Once, the man so curios why Hachi don't go out with its dog house. So, he went on it and found a skunk on the door way of Hachi. The dog afraid of this mammal that gives an unpleasant smell. So, when men try to catch the skunk...he was tumbled down and the furt of the skunk spread all over. That's why Hachi and this man took a bath together. You know that the smell of this mammal is hard to rid. (ewwW!) Several days passed... One morning when man was going to his work he was curios again why Hachi don't want to come with him. The dog looks lonely. He gave chances and wait for a minute if the dog will come but in the end Hachi didn't go with him. He show ball but still not effective. So that, he decided to go. Seems like there's something wrong with Hachi..(why this dog acting so weird) when the man was about to enter on the train station gate he saw Hachi coming to him. The man smile and throw away a lil' ball...for the first time Hachi get the ball and gave it back to him. The man was so proud for what Hachi had done and people in their surrounding also fascinated. The dog don't want now to go away with him but he need to go now so he left Hachi. The dog wait again on the outside. Late afternoon, the train arrives and the station gate opened...lot's of people came out but Hachi didn't saw the man that he have waiting for. He sit and wait again...many trains arrived yet no face of this man. It was already dark but Hachi still waiting. The vendor and the guard are curious why this dog still there. Apparently, the man died on heart attack and Hachiko obviously didn't know it. It's so sad that..,that day would be their last bonding:( Next day, Hachi still waiting there. Several days had passed but this dog never tired of waiting. Hachiko entered on the train station's gate and try to follow the railroad. After that he wait again under the unfunctioned train. When there's no sign of this man Hachi get out but he still sit and wait again until the snow falls. The eyes of those poeple there looks sad...they felt sorry for Hachiko. Then, the daughter of this man and take Hachi at their home. Months had passed... The family migrated into the other place...yet Hachi going back to their recent home expecting to see this man. The wife of this man let that dog. You can see in Hachi's eyes and in his moves the loneliness and the longing for this man. Spring, falls, and winter season had passed and you still found Hachi diligently waiting outside the train station. The dog never gave up...Maybe, sometimes Hachi dreaming of this man and he was very happy for man's coming back but..this all is just a dream. 10 years later... The wife of this man came back to their recent place to visit his grave. When she arrives she was so surprise that Hachi was still there. The dog looks so dull but still vigorously sitting there. The woman come closer and hug Hachi. She said to this dog that he must go home now...he will never coming back again.
------->>> I he never met that kind of dog like Hachiko. The dog really loved and so loyal to this man. I just can't even think that this dog can wait for so many years. The weather never be a hindrance for him. He just don't simply gave up and never lose hope. This dog can be an inspiration to everyone. Hachi shows what real love and loyalty means.
------->>> Until now, Hachiko still sitting there but this is just his statue. Hachi died in a said certain year. People built statue of Hachiko for the sign of his unconditional act. You better watch this movie so you can really feel the story of this dog. This is a real story...

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