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Retail Management
Course Syllabus

|Course Name: |Retail Management |
|Course Code: | |
|Credit Hours: |03 Credit Hours |
|Course Prerequisites: |Marketing Principles |
|Quarter/Year: | |
|Instructor: |Hasan Ashraf Khan |
|Contact No: |051-4863363-65 |
|Consultation Hours: |9 am to 2 pm |
|E-mail: | |

1. Course Description:

The retailing industry is a significant industry sector and the largest private sector employer in USA and many Western countries. In emerging economies, retailing reflects the rapid changes taking place as local and international retailers compete for market share. Retail management theory takes a strategic approach to the entire retailing cycle, embracing retailer branding and innovation as its platform. Contemporary retailers face many challenges from the turbulent political, business and social environments within which they are situated. New forms of retailing continue to emerge either to lead or...

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