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Doing Business in Ireland

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Doing Business in Ireland
Team Arrow


Doing Business in Ireland
Team Arrow


Course: INB 372
Section: 10
Semester: Fall 2015 NAME | ID | Fuad Bin Saif | 141 1722 630 | Md. Sadman Sakib | 141 1428 030 | Monis Ahmed | 141 0637 030 | Ashrafl Alam Galib | 141 0734 030 | Omar Farhan Khan | 141 1689 630 |

Prepared For Krishna Biswas (GpB) Lecturer Dept. Of Marketing & International Business



The most pleasant part of submitting the report is to get the opportunity of completing and learning from it. We would like to thank those who have contributed to it a lot. Unfortunately, the list of expression of thanks- no matter how extensive is always incomplete and inadequate. These acknowledgements are no exception.

Our first thank goes to the almighty Allah for bestowing us the patience and courage to finish this huge task within its deadline.

Thanks must go to the team members, whose unflagging patience and astounding capacity for creative work, and long hours made the project both possible and successful – under the pressure of the knocking deadline.

At last, we sincerely acknowledge our debt to Krishna Biswas, our honorable faculty, for his valuable counseling about the regarding topic of the project. Without his encouragement, this would have never been possible.

27th November, 2015

Krishna Biswas
School of Business
North South University

Subject: Submission of group project on Rosh Sweets exporting to Ireland.

Dear Sir,
It is our pleasure to submit our group project report on canned sweets. A report on doing...

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