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Doing Business in Uae

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Economy Profile 2015
United Arab Emirates

Doing Business 2015

United Arab Emirates

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...Talent Olympic Potential Opportunity for the UAE An Example More Money, More Problems pg 14 pg 20 pg 28 pg 34 5. Managing Talent 6. Making Decisions 7. Final Remarks Investing in People Better by a Margin Starting the Process pg 48 pg 64 pg 72 3 Aleron Partners FZ-LLC 2012 © 4 Aleron Partners FZ-LLC 2012 © Foreword by Matthew Lewis Much has been written about the Macro and Socioeconomic impact on the UAE and its economy since the global financial crisis – the oil price, the Arab Spring and on-going Middle East instability are all valid factors in this regard. What we have not seen until now is the resultant effect and impact on the often overlooked but most important assets of any business – its people and their productivity. Our research seeks to fill that omission. The period from 2008 to 2012 has seen a cataclysmic shift in the fundamental areas of demand, quality and flexibility of the talent pool in the UAE. High costs of expatriation and the regional pressure of localisation have put more focus on the productivity of people working within shrinking organisations. Many UAE employees, not having previously worked in a constant change environment and under unfamiliar circumstances, are struggling to perform with fewer resources, less direction, less personal development and / or rewards. Foreword By Matthew Lewis, Director – Boyden Global Executive Search, Middle East and North Africa “The UAE has succeeded in...

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