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Police Storefronts Essay
Lue Banks
Organizational Behavior and Leadership in Criminal Justice Home
JUS 515
Prof. Vivian
December 09, 2015

Police Storefronts Essay
During the 1980s and 90s in response to the rising crime and the lack of police manpower, improvements were called for, community policing, “broken windows” policing, “pulling levers” policing, problem-oriented policing, hot spots policing, third party policing, evidence-based policing and Compstat.
Police really hate change especially police departments, when it comes to implanting new programs. In the inner-city residents is trying hard to stay “street cred” in order to curb violence.
The violence is all about drugs and money, the base cost of this is poverty, disrupted families, lack of opportunity and hopelessness exacerbate youth violence. Homicide was on the rise within poor African American neighborhoods and the leading cause of death among young men.
Big cities like White Plains, New York are a typical example with all the downtown developments, where the rich hang out with the poor, where gangs flourished. The FBI conducted a study on violent crimes and between 2005 and 2006, crime increased across the United States.
In 2006 violence exploded in White Plains, a fatal gang-related stabbing in March, a fatal shooting in May and in September 2 youth involved stabbings, all occurred in the heart of downtown. During the White Plains Experience the first session consisted of the Youth-Police Initiative (YPI) where young black men and police officers were assigned to the NCU to discuss the youth violence and gang activity. The young men and police officers were brought together intentionally because there had been so much tension between the two.
Citizens must have an involvement in the operations of the local police department. You have college interns and retirees volunteering for...

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