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Doing Nothing Is Something

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Doing Nothing Is Something One of the key points would be summer time is coming soon which means leaving textbooks and broken pencils behind. The Second key point is having downtime which includes looking into the middle distance, kicking at the curb, lying on the grass, or sitting on the stoop and staring at the tedious blue of the summer sky. Another key point is parents have arranged to schedule time and unscheduled times. Also, the key point is a Friday Night which means no homework, no athletic practices, and no after school events. The final key point is a culture of adult distrust which suggests that a kid who is not playing softball or attending science enrichment programs or both is huffing or boosting cars. What the writer intended for the reader to take away from this reading is that summertime is not time for having an overly busy schedule. Secondly, that having downtime is also good because then you could write poetry, compose music or become an actor. Having an arranged schedule means you do not have the free time you need to get other stuff done. Having a Friday night to spend time with friends and family and play games or watch movies is good as well and then you will have less stress about work or school. Having a culture of distrust from parents can cause the children to rebel against the adults and family.
I do a connection and disconnection to this essay because I am not a busy student but I do have a busy social life. Also, I keep myself with busy with all my college homework and the class projects. Another thing is that I also spend time with family and friends or shopping for new stuff. I also workout and clean up the house whenever I have free time. The disconnection that I have is that I plan my own schedule. Also, my parents have trust in me and that I can make my own choices and decisions about what I do in my life.
“Summer is coming...

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