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Africa Country | Population (million) | GDP/PPP ($) | Unemployment Rate (%) | Inflation Rate (%) | Literacy Rate (%) | Balance of Trade ($) | Exchange Rate ( = $1) | Kenya | 44,037,656 | 1800 | 40% | 9.4 | 87.4 | (-)8.815 b | 84.53 | Morocco | 32,649,130 | 5400 | 9% | 1.2 | 56.1 | (-)20.65 b | 8.6087 | South Africa | 48,601,098 | 11600 | 22.70% | 5.7 | 86.4 | (-)4.3 b | 8.2031 | Algeria | 38,087,812 | 7600 | 10.2 | 8.9 | 69.9 | 23.54 b | 77.536 | Egypt | 85,294,388 | 6700 | 13.50% | 7.1 | 72 | (-)32.89 b | 6.6025 | Gabon | 1,640,286 | 16800 | 21% | 2.7 | 88.4 | 6.84 b | 510.53 | Sudan | 34,847,910 | 2600 | 20% | 31.9 | 61.1 | (-)1.627 b | 4.09 | Mauritius | 1,322,238 | 15800 | 8.10% | 3.9 | 88.5 | (-)2.433 b | 30.051 | Zimbabwe | 13,182,908 | 600 | 95% | 8.2 | 90.7 | (-)1.255 b | 234.25 | Ethiopia | 93,877,025 | 1200 | 17.5 | 7.1 | 42.9 | (-)6.389 b | 17.705 | Nigeria | 174,507,539 | 2800 | 23.90% | 12.2 | 61.3 | 37.56 m | 156.81 | Libya | 6,002,347 | 12300 | 30% | 6.1 | 89.2 | 34.04 b | 1.262 | South Sudan | 11,090,104 | 1000 | NA | 7 | 27 | | 0.7778 |

NORTH AMERICA Countries | Population | GDP | Unemployment rate | Literacy Rate | Inflation Rate | Exchange Rate | BOT (billion) | Canada | 34,568,211 | 43,400 | 7.30% | 99% | 1.50% | 0.9992 CAD | -11.9 | Mexico | 116,220,947 | 15,600 | 5% | 86.10% | 4.10% | 13.17 MXN | 0.1 | USA | 316,668,567 | 50,700 | 8.10% | 99% | 2.10% | 1 USD | 2148.8 |

EUROPE Countries | Population | GDP Per Capita/ PPP | Literacy rate (%) | Exchange rate per US dollar | Unemployment rate (%) | Inflation rate (%) | BOT | | (million) | ($) | | | | | (billion$) | Germany | 81.14 | 39,700 | 99 | 0.7778 Euro | 5.5 | 2.1 | 238 | France | 65.95 | 36,100 | 99 | 0.7778 Euro | 10.3 | 2.2 | -74.2 | United Kingdom | 63.39 | 37,500 | 99 | 0.6307 British Pounds | 8 | 2.8 | -168 | Italy | 61.48 |...

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