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Is a Generic Domain the Ticket to Success for a new startup? In the venture world there is no secret to success of a startup. Certainly there are standard guidelines one must follow to achieve success. The question that remains is: which of these guidelines greatly increase one’s probability for success? The simple answer: The Perfect Generic Domain. The simple answer to success in a new startup is branding. Any seasoned marketing professional will testify that branding takes years and possibly millions of dollars to create. This raises a simple question: Does creating a brand for a successful startup have to take this long and cost this much? The answer is a resounding ‘no!’ The perfect Generic Domain can create a brand for your new startup overnight. Owning a premium generic ( domain eliminates the need for expensive marketing campaigns by:

Delivering the message clearly
Confirming Credibility
Translating your company name into something memorable
Creating loyalty through recognition
It establishes brand/product authority Companies like CNET (,,) as well as have harnessed the power of “’s” to become the leaders of their industry. This is because’s increase visibility by linking the owner of the domain to the specific category and keyword in search engines. Generic domains almost offer a competitive advantage. They do this by linking the product or service to the domain name while embedding the domain and your product deeply into public awareness. An excellent example is Perhaps is not the most user friendly and up to date weather service available; however, due to its simple and memorable generic domain it is the most commonly searched weather service online today.’s not only promise SEO results but ‘type in’ traffic for years to come. If the unthinkable happens and the venture is sold or fails the domain is an asset, and most likely has grown in value because of the market, being developed, and has many links for SEO results.

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