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the intern at work station fifteen is please to present my report on the ‘’internal used only’’ data and classification standard of Richman Investments. This report will specifically address, the IT infrastructure domains and how they are affected by our standards, they are seven IT infrastructure domain and these are they names (1) users domain (2) workstation domain (3)
Lan domain (4) lan to wan domain (5) wan domain (6) remote access domain (7) system application domain. My focus in this report is to clearly identify the security risk that goes along with these domains and to identify some solutions also even to open the door for grate discussion to develop a better strategy to protect our company.
Sir, Each domain requires proper security controls and must meet the A-I-C (Accountability, Integrity and Confidentiality) triad requirements.
But at tins time I will only focus on three domains that are mostly affected by the “Internal Use Only” standard. Listed below are these three it infrastructure and what are the direct dealings within our company and a glimpse of their treat. 1. User Domain

• The User Domain defines what data a person can and cannot have access to within an organizations information system. This domain enforces the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) which defines what a user is allowed to do within an organization’s owned IT asset. It is the weakest link in an IT Infrastructure. Users must understand what motivates someone to compromise an organizations system.

2. Workstation domain

• The Workstation Domain is where most users connect to the IT Infrastructure. Desktop computers, laptops, or any device that connects to a network is considered a workstation .A logon ID and password is needed for access. Requires tight security and access controls. 3. WAN

• Wide Area Network (WAN) Domain connects remote locations. Manages client’s firewalls and router configurations .The goal is to allow users the most access possible by making sure the data traveling in and out is safe
It is clear that the infrastructure domain defines roles, policies, standards, and technology that is provide and manages the communications networks and computing platform for the company IT environment and operating systems.
So because of this major treat these are some recommendations to be considered by management.
(1) Support the flow and processing of information, both internal and external, in an efficient manner

(2) Provide scalable and reliable infrastructure to support the seamless and transparent delivery of information to the business,

agencies and even customers.

(3) Promote knowledge sharing and increase resource flexibility.

(4) Encourages stewardship and fiscal accountability.

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