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Domestic Violence Against Women

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Domestic Violence Against Women

Domestic Violence affects over half of the people in the world, majority of the

women are murdered because of this crime. Restraining order laws are not enough to

protect women from their abuser. Victims of domestic violence feel as though there

is no way out and they end up back at home with the abuser. Victims that are in

a domestic violence relationship should seek treatment and help on how to get out of

a violent relationship. The purpose of educating people, primary women, about

domestic violence is to prevent this violence and to tell women they have ways to get out.

A woman’s risk of being seriously injured or killed increases when she breaks off

the relationship, and in some cases they have to relocate or seek shelter to protect them

from the abuser (Hetling & Zhang, 2010).

Domestic violence is becoming common is same sex relationships no one is exempt from

domestic abuse. What can be done to prevent some of the violence in relationships?

Before couples get married, they should go to counseling to iron out whatever difficulties

they have before starting a life together. Some people suffer from illnesses such as

depression, bipolar and many more and they have not been diagnosed. Those illnesses

alone can cause problems in a relationship (Retrieved from:

violence-against-women/). Domestic violence can affect the children in the household

and leave them with a scar that it is ok to live with violence in the home. It is a problem

for everyone no matter what your status is. There are several of organizations that are

designed to help victims that are trying to get away from a violent situation. Some

women are afraid to leave because they don’t want to break up their...

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