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Don't Wiat, Vaccinate

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Don’t Wait, Vaccinate! In the recent few years, researchers, doctors, and parents have been having a huge debate on whether or not children should be required to have all of the vaccines suggested by The Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Many parents refuse to have their child(ren) fully vaccinated because they fear that the child may suffer from a mental disability such as autism. Parents make that decision because they are only looking at the risks for their own child’s health, but the don’t keep in mind the health of the people that are constantly around their children. There have been too many deaths from vaccine preventable diseases. “Since the 25th anniversary of HIV, there have been about 2.1 million deaths from vaccine preventable diseases; 1.4 million of those deaths were children under the age of five-years-old. This is a very alarming statistic, and something needs to be done to help lower these numbers. It needs to be required that parents have their juveniles vaccinated because without their immunizations they are putting their child’s health at risk, and also the people who are around them, on a daily basis. Vaccines are one of the most cost-effective inventions in the medical field (Colgrove), and the cost is just going to get even larger as more research is done. All of the different vaccines have helped reduce the number of deadly infections and diseases people can get. Most, if not all, health care providers recommend that health care workers, frequent travelers, and elderly citizens be also vaccinated regularly just like children. A lot of parents have been filling out vaccine exemption forms when enrolling their children is school. Some parents do it because of their personal beliefs and some do it because of religious reasons. Even if there aren’t that many children who are exempted from the vaccines, schools, even with low exemption...

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