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Donald Trump's Arguement Analysis

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“Here in America, we don’t give in to our fears. We don’t build up walls to keep people out.” (Obama). These words of Michelle Obama, recent first lady of the United States, interprets that we do not let things come between us, because we do not build block pathways for people to be kept out. Michelle Obama mainly focuses her attention in social works and poverty, which had lead her into the path of wanting to be a lawyer. She has accomplished so much more, she is being relied on for children in America to have better education and live freely. In other words, current issues that have occurred in today’s society is the education-wise, equality rights, and relying on oneself, by standing in all of sticking to one stance. Although, Donald Trump …show more content…
On a Thursday morning at a special congressional forum, Gavin Grimm, transgender teen, had testified on the behalf of civil rights that President Donald Trump had distant the Obama-era of supporting transgender students. In Gavin Grimm’s statement, he focused on the devastation of trans youths that President Donald Trump continued to detached from the civil rights policy of supporting transgender students. Gavin Grimm backfired his opinion on President Donald Trump’s decisions by stating, “treat transgender students with dignity and respect them for who they are..the guidance sent a terrible message to some of the most vulnerable people..that President Trump.. Do not care about protecting you from discrimination” (Grimm). This statement made by Gavin Grimm has made an impact throughout America by informing the Americans how President Trump is not making precise statement on not caring about protecting the transgender from discrimination. Which caused Gavin Grimm to have a voice on the disrespect that President Donald Trump has towards the discrimination. Of the transgender law being supported, Michelle Obama’s view on this situation is that she supports. Michelle Obama openly states that she personally sets forth a message stating, “We are a county that believes in our young people..that every single child has boundless promise, no matter who they are, where they come from.. We believe that each of these young people is a vital part of the great American story” (Obama). Michelle obama has planned to protect the American transgender youth because she advise that America should keep their chin up and continue to look forward because the hope youth transgender has should never be lost, because they will not feel fear but felt like they belong. Michelle Obama has made an impact on Danny Charney, the writer of the article, by

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