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iPad’s Security Breach
Samuel D. Brown
Dr. Daniel Frost
Contemporary Business - BUS508013VA016-1116-001
August 21, 2011

Security and ethical issues has become very common over the past couple years. Recently we have seen an increase in e-crime. Boone and Kurtz (2011) states that “Computers provide efficient ways for employees to share information. But they may also allow people with more malicious intentions to access information. Companies may install firewalls, use encryption software, and passwords. But as fast as software developers invent new and more elaborate protective measures, hackers seem to break through their defenses. Thus, security is an ongoing battle” (pg. 509). A great example of this is the group call “Anonymous”. They have successfully hacked into a number of companies and government agencies. They also have plans to takedown or hack in to the most popular social website, Facebook.
Determine if hacking into a Website is ever justifiable, applying your theory to a real-world case in which someone hacked into a system, including the name of the company and details.
Over the years we have heard of individuals hacking into computers, but in the last couple of years we are seeing more and more websites being hacked into. If an individual can get convicted and arrested for breaking into a department store and taking complete control of it or even robbing a store or department store a person that hacks into a company’s website should get the same treatment. A website is part of a company’s business and in most cases it’s their only business and the only way that they can make money. By hacking into an organizations website you are affecting and organization’s profit and therefore should be consider a crime. More so, it is also a crime because you are invading and organizations or individuals privacy. In today’s society individuals have all...

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