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How does doomsday become popular?
1. The Mayan calendar says sun era will end on December 21, 2012. Many believers believe that the end of December 21, 2012 is the end of the world: a wandering planet will impact the earth, thus the whole world will be destroyed. According to ancient Mayan calendar, 2012’s winter solstice marks a 144000 days of the end of the cycle. This period began in the legendary Maya creation day, already repeated 12 times. And 13 times will come to an end in 2012, to complete a full 5200 creation cycle. There is a very short time before the end of the world coming; the rumor has become the hot topic of fiction films and television programs
2. Hollywood films and social network blow up the rumor of the end of the world: People’s fanaticism to "eschatology" stem from the Hollywood disaster film "2012". In the film, the Mayan prophecy: in the December 21, 2012, the fifth sun age coming, the sun will disappear, and the earth will violent shake, then the earth will be destroyed. Why do people so trust Mayan prophecy? Because of the mysterious Mayans were very proficient in astronomical figures. As early as 3000 years ago, they accurately calculated the time about revolution of the earth and running of other stars. The accuracy even surprised modern scientists
3. Frequent natural disasters increase people’s concern: The earth goes into seismic active period, so some people’s end guesses also warm up. On March 11, 2011, level 9.0 earthquake happened in Japan, triggering a tsunami and nuclear leak crisis; on January 12, 2010, Haiti earthquake happened, and the capital port-au-prince completely razed to the ground; On February 27, 2010, magnitude 8.8 earthquake happened in Chile, triggering a tsunami with more than eight meters waves. Natural disasters that will end world seem to be believable. The end of the world become a merchant's carnival
1. The prize of Chinese version of "Noah's ark" is from 1 million to 5 million Yuan: Each "Noah's ark" price is different, and the charge is between 1 million and 5 million Yuan. The "Noah's ark" priced 1 million Yuan is built by carbon fiber and stainless steel materials, however the "Noah's ark" priced 5 million Yuan is built all by carbon fiber. Material strong degree is not the same. By the middle of August, a yiwu businessman “YangZongFu” has received 21 orders. Much to our amusement, these "Noah's ark" can make a delivery at the end of the year.
2. The sale of rescue good is on the rise: According to a shopping site’s statistics, last month, the sale of can food is on the rise. But the sales of some other former unpopular commodities jumped more severely. "Free soldier outdoor flagship store" is the leader of sale of outdoor goods in the “Tianmao” mall. Besides conventional commodities, like, clothes, backpacks, some fundamental goods which is less used in our daily life, present a "blowout" situation in the recent months. "We can't play 2012 stunt.", the store's planning staff Xiao Li said. But a large number of customers pour into the shop, finally, only a "magnesium rod", sold more than 1500 units a month.
In an online book store, searching the word “survival", you can find 216 pieces of goods, the bestseller “the wilderness survival” even plays on the "set limit to purchase" label. As December is coming, the sale of such books like hot cakes, regarded by many people as the “survival guide" of the end of the world.
3. Mexico uses doomsday to attract tourists: the southeast Mexico original Maya town, which is the source of the "eschatology”, opened a one-year countdown activity last year; local travel agencies hold the hope that this activity can attract 52 million visitors in 2012. However, a Mexico tourism spokesman said: "the end of the world represents hope for us."

Recently, along with the December 21, 2012, the so-called Mayan prophecy "the end of the world" gradually approaching, all sorts of rumors also rises, and some stupid things came out, such as for believing the rumors, a woman from Nanjing donated all her property, one woman in Inner Mongolia threw property, and such as some locals bought candles, match and so on. But many businessmen regard "the end of the world" as the business opportunities to make money, obviously, the merchant's scientific literacy is higher than those who believe the rumors, of course, they don't believe "doomsday", and what they concern is "fortune".
"The doomsday economy" is seized by businesses to develop: many stores sell "doomsday escape equipment"; there are shops out in "doomsday sale"; the goods are to be labeled as "the doomsday price"; series of postcards which are printed "I love you to the end of the world" is popular; hotel launched the "last supper”; tourism introduce the "doomsday carnival". These businesses, one side to render the "doomsday carnival", at the same time, make a lot of profits. If you ask these merchants, since "doomsday" is coming, why do you still make money? They may keep silence. The world will not end on December 21, and on Dec.22, the sun will rise, the rumor will collapse naturally. However, merchants on the basis of the “doomsday marketing”, no doubt, are one of the scourges. "Doomsday marketing" not only attracts people to spend unnecessary money but also worsen social atmosphere.
Chasing profit is the nature of the business, but the profit should be earned under the sun. Businesses rely on social and then they can survive, when they get wealth from the society, they should take social responsibility. In today's society, how to shoulder greater social responsibility has become the standard to measure the quality of a business. In the consumers' mind, a socially responsible enterprise, is worthy of trust. And taking "doomsday" rumors as business opportunities, how can they get consumer’s trust? To further thinking, this is a businessman self-defeating behavior.
On the other hand, the market economy is legal economy. When do business, we must obey the rules. Such false sales promotion is forbidden by laws and regulations. The "doomsday marketing" which is based on the non-existent "doomsday" is false promotion. To this kind of false promotion, industry and commerce departments should take actions.

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