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Door Designer

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Undergraduate Thesis
Submitted to the Faculty of the
Department of Information and Industrial Technology
Cavite State University-Carmona Campus
Carmona, Cavite

In partial fulfillment
Of the requirements for the degree
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

APRIL 2017

Application of knowledge to the practical aims of human life or to changing and manipulating the human environment. Technology includes the use of materials, tools, techniques, and sources of power to make life easier or more pleasant and work more productive. Whereas science is concerned with how and why things happen, technology focuses on making things happen.
As life today becomes fast-paced, convenience and accessibility starts to become a necessity. Mobile phones were created to cope up with those needs. Different mobile applications are now being used widely both personally and commercially.
Pannazoa Trade Corporation as a growing company has to cope with its customers need for convenience and accessibility. The proponents come up to the solution of creating an android application called LDD for the company. The LDD has a gallery of doors where you can see different ready-made doors which you can actually see on one of the showrooms of Lufata. The application also has a feature where you can create your own virtual door. These features will help a lot in saving time, effort and resources both for the customer as well as the company.
Lufata Door Designer (LDD) is a thesis project proposed by BSIT third year students of the Cavite State University. LDD is a mobile app where the customer can design their own door anytime and anywhere through their android device. The app will allow the customers to customize a virtual door with their own preferences, like door type, finish and charms. The designed door by the customer…...

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