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Door to Unknow

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The Door to Unknown

“How can you possibly know how I feel? Things are not the same as they used to be, back when you were a kid! Times change! ” “Your father and I know what is best for you! You should sit down and rethink your actions!” She left the room, closing the door behind her. I pressed the cushion over my face trying to tone down the sound of my scream, but even that was not enough to cover the rhythmical sound of high heels going down the stairs. Apart from my raging temper and wounded pride after losing another argument, I was left alone in the room with the fragrance of Chanel No.5. I lay in my bed for hours, looking at the door, waiting for my father to come home. He understands me. We both miss her. Next week will be three years since she passed away. I know he had to move on with his life, but still…He married that witch. God, I hate her. I had been watching at that door, like my life depended on it. If only I could get away from here. I remember how they looked like when we first moved into this house. They were old; you could tell by just looking at them. The bottom half was missing few wooden pieces. Tiny lines engraved along the right side of the frame, were telling me the height of child living here before me. Edges were cracked and uneven. The creaking was unbearable. Even though I have never seen one, I could swear little black bugs were crawling in between scratches. But, she fixed it. She fixed them and the rest of the house the same way she fixed my dad. But she could not fix me. Sudden noise coming from the other side of the door twitched me up from the dreaming. Big grey door handle started going down. The door cracked open. I put one leg on the floor waiting for someone to come in. No one did. I knew something was not right but I was too afraid to get any closer. It is true what they say; fear does cut deeper than a sword. I would probably stay on my bed, if I did not smell cotton candy. I looked throughout the window seeking for the colorful van, but there was not any sign of it. The smell was coming through the door. With great hesitation, I left the bed and came closer to it. I was thinking to myself that this could not be possible and that I am just imagining it, but still I have to see the mystery land coming from my hallway. I stretched my leg making the first step toward the unknown. I felt the cold wind on the back of my neck and the first raindrop on my nose. Unbroken dense cloud above me has darkened to gun metal grey. The air is thick with moisture. There was one thing I was sure of; storm was on the horizon, promising nothing but merciless rain. The wind stopped howling, it seemed like it was screaming. The only things louder were the thunder roars approaching the city; and a familiar sound coming from my left. The same old creak my door used to make. In the park nearby the wind was pushing swings making the well-known sound. It passed through deserted streets of unfamiliar town, but that was not enough for it. It demanded to be heard. Everything felt like a bad black-and-white movie, except for the girl in the red coat holding the cotton candy. All the colors around her seemed to be faded. Her golden hair was softly curled along the ends. Even though I could not see her face, I could imagine her light blue eyes shining like a soft morning sky. As she turned to look my way I found myself surprised, her eyes were not the watery blue I'd expected, they were the color of caramel and so were the freckles that lay over her nose. She was looking in my direction, but I felt like she was staring right through me; looking for someone that was not there. Then she turned around and left. While I watched her go down the street, I caught the street sign with the corner of my eye. In that moment, I realized that I do not know where I am. I rushed to it hoping to find out what is this mystery place, but after reading the sign I realized I was better of not knowing. The sign said: “Your consciousness.”
-“Amy?!” I flinched and saw my father staring at me.
-”Amy, why are you standing at the door?”
Confused, I stared at my father for a moment and then run towards him and hug him tightly. I was not sure if I was holding him so tightly because I missed him so much, or because I was terrified by what just happened.

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