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Doping in Sports

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Doping in sports is a serious matter and should not be used for any sport for numerous reasons. These types of drugs come with serious health risks. First, there are many dangers to the body from steroids. Second, it is just unfair to other players and athletes. Thirdly it could possibly cause a crash in an athlete’s career if getting caught. Steroids and other performance enhancing drugs, PED’s, are very harmful to the body. It is not worth the risk of permanent damage to the body and organs. Most PED’s contain hormones which will cause extreme behavioral changes. People who take PED’s act more aggressively, are more likely to sexually harass somebody, and are generally more violent. So just from taking these drugs the users are effecting their and people that they are with lives outside of sports. The use of any PED is unfair to other players because they are not competing against a person its, the drug. It takes out the spirit of competition. A player that has been on a steroid has an unfair advantage due to the power gained from the drug and not the body. It is basically a form of cheating. PED use can cause a crash in an athlete’s career if they are caught using the drug, because if it gets on the news it would give him/her a bad reputation, the drug will cause the downfall of the athletes career and possibly get the player kicked off the team, it’s a shocking matter for the fans to find out and also winning without relying on drugs is a real accomplishment to a player, because you didn’t need any help to win the game. In conclusion, performance enhancing drugs cause devastating effects on the human body. Firstly, this drugs cause side effects and more serious they have damaging effects on the human organs that can cause long term sickness or death. Secondly, steroids are used for cheating inside tournaments and games, players will get offended by another team using drugs to cheat within game, it makes it un-fair to other players. Thirdly, Using drugs to win a game is a cheating method, if the player gets caught it may lead to the players down fall.

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