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Dora the Explorer is basically a fun TV show for kids ages 6 and under but recently I just found out that many HHS students watch this show occasionally. This is not shocking to me, because after all it’s the second favorite show I like to watch on Nickelodeon (SpongeBob being the first).
To anybody who is not familiar with the show (which is a shame if you don’t), Dora the Explorer is an adventure based story for kids. The main character, Dora with her friend Boots, goes on a mission in every episode to help someone or find something. She asks viewers (usually little kids) at home for help and clues to get to her destination and also gets help from her friends, the Map and Backpack. On her mission, she teaches viewers everyday Spanish words and some short phrases.
Dora is seen as a hero in the eyes of her viewers as she walk through dangerous woods with her best friend Boots. But as we all know, every hero as a villain. Well this nice 8 year old girl has one and that will be Swiper. Swiper is a sneaky and mischievous fox that attempts to steal Dora’s items every episode. He sometimes succeed but most of the time he doesn’t (poor Swiper).
What makes this show appealing to most HHS students is the storyline of the show. Even when we know the outcome of the story (Dora will always get to where she has to go), we still stay in front of the television till the show concludes. This is because; there is something about Dora that gets people’s attention. Sometime is the song that they make up or its suspense that we feel when Swiper is on the scene trying to harass Dora.
For other students who can relate to me don’t watch this show because they want to, but they watch it because they are forced to by their little siblings.
This type of situation is common in my house. My mom doesn’t like my three year old sister to be watching teen cartoons or rated R movies. So whenever I am watching something like that and my little sister is in the room, I always have to change the channel to Nick Junior, which most of the time has Dora the Explorer on.
This has been going on for the past couple months and I enjoy it now.
Like most other HHS students, most of the Spanish words I know now are from watching Dora on TV. So far I have learned about 30 Spanish words which is impressive to me because I know more Spanish words now than I did when I was using Rosetta Stone.
So if you are an HHS student and you don’t watch Dora the Explorer, then I dare you to watch an episode because, after one episode you will fall in love with it. Like a high school girl with her cell phone.

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