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Dormatory Laundry

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Dormitory Laundry

By: Carl Schlotman, Jackie Patterson, and Andy Wolf

I. Executive Summary

Dormitory Laundry seeks to fill a service that is not currently offered at Queens. Dormitory Laundry would be the first and only laundry service offered at Queens University of Charlotte. Our service would allow students to enjoy more free time with the convenience of not having to do their laundry. This would give students more free time to do their homework to excel academically or enjoy their college experience. By supplying a laundry service that would pick up students clothes from their own dorm buildings, it will be very user friendly for Queen’s Students. Our product is unique because there is no laundry service at Queens. The only option students have is to do their laundry themselves or to take their laundry to dry cleaners for obscene prices. With 800 students living on campus, it makes for a significant market size to scale the business. Our marketing plan can be specialized and focused. We hope to make our service mainstream way of doing laundry among students. Starting with our service, our goal is to always make sure our value proposition to our customers exceeds the cost of the service. One of the ways this can be done is through a persistent effort to always keep the customer in mind. The pricing of our service will be competitive because it is what our customers have told us the price they would pay for the service. As we establish ourselves as a leading service provider to Queens, we think that Dormitory Laundry will have a brand that is associated with excellent service. We plan to advertise our product on campus with flyers,, face book page, and twitter. The domain name is available along with the twitter and face book pages. Another form of advertising that may be affective is by getting parents to pay for this product...

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