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Dos Was the Bullet, Anonymous Was the Shooter,

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DoS was the bullet, Anonymous was the shooter, MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) was the victim. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology experienced a denial of service attack that rendered access to the Internet from campus impossible for three hours between 7 p.m. and 9:50 p.m. on Sunday, January 13th. The attack stemmed from the suicide of Internet activist, Aaaron Swartz and his radical punishment for his attempt at cyber information liberation.

Aaron Swartz is most commonly known as the co-founder of Reddit and early versions of a widely used Internet tool known as RSS (Rich Site Summary). Swartz was also responsible for establishing the group “Demand Progress” which works towards policy changes in areas of civil liberties, rights and governmental reform. A rebellious yet mild natured organization that reached the U.S. Congress and was taken into consideration during the antipiracy legislation attempted last year.

The “crime” Swartz was accused of was data theft in 2011, which could have resulted in 35 years in prison and up to 1 million dollars in fines. Swartz is accused of freely downloading 4 million documents from the subscription based research database known as JSTOR, and MIT’s database. Swartz was an avid reader. In fact, he stated that he would rather hear and understand others through their text as he finds the reading to be the most intimate way to get to know someone. He believed that the literary works that were publically accessible through JSTOR should not cost money to view. So he liberated the information to be available to the public.

* Need to talk about how and which laws directly affected aaron * How anonymous wants to reform the laws * Their new attacks * Zero day * And answer the questions at hand

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