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Dota 2 Reasearch

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Dota 2 Reseach.

Thesis statement: Because of too much indulgence to DOTA 2 the Marian Students of SMAD is affected psychologically, physically and mentally.
I. Introduction A. Definition of terms B. Significance of the study II. Effects A. Psychological * Addiction B. Physical * Poor health C. Mental * Loss of interest in studies III. Conclusion A. Summary of findings B. Recommendations

The youth is the hope of the country, as once stated by the Philippine national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. Indeed, the youth is the hope of the people for they will be the next generation to cradle the responsibility of leading our nation whilst educating the minds of generation to come. Although, big responsibility of the youth they still need time for them to unwind, relax, to act like the children that they are. And one of ways for them to do that is through playing games. Through the years, games have evolved from ideas crafted from children’s imagination, to simple toys, to the present gadgets and consoles which might require the use of the internet and cost a hefty sum of money. But despite the games’ innovating unfolding, students especially those who are financially supported by their parents continue to play a game as their source of great enjoyment and past time.
Computer games is one of the most favorite hobbies and past time of the Filipinos especially the students aside from watching television and playing sports, until the Blizzard Entertainment released Warcraft III Reign of the chaos and Icefrog released the DOTA custom map For Warcraft. The invasion of DOTA in the Philippines is very massive, that millions of Filipinos are getting involved into it. Many people are encouraged and influenced to play this strategy game that led to their addictions.
Life is nothing more but series of games for a child’s mind. From the moment they wake up to the moment that they sleep, everything is about...

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