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The case study relates a situation whereby a convention center inadvertently double books the exhibit hall , breakout meeting space and food beverage service for two concurrent conventions due to a change in sales administration personnel

Ultimately , the responsibility for the situation lies with the convention bureau and its Director of Sales . The sales manager who booked the large , VIP group had done so with faith that the details would be

properly recorded in the booking software so that other sales managers would not be able to double book the space . It would be the responsibility of the Director of Sales to ensure that in the case of personnel changes , an audit was done to identify such problems before it became too late to solve them . Depending upon the management structure at the convention bureau , there would probably also be a Director of Catering and Convention Services , whose job is to oversee the execution of all group bookings . If there were a separate convention services manager who handled the group after the sales manager signed the contract , then responsibility would fall to the Catering and Convention Services department as this person would be responsible for the details of the meeting and properly inputting the meeting space requirements into the software program used

In to remedy this situation , the first thing that must happen is to find alternate meeting space for the second group booked . It is assumed the contract used by the convention bureau would involve such verbiage as first option ' to the meeting space as well as a clause regarding a guarantee for relocation should circumstances arise which make the convention center unavailable . Since the VIP group booked first , they would have first rights to the space . The meeting that was booked subsequently would have to be relocated ideally the convention bureau would...

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