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Bich Nguyen
Mr.Jeff Lindemann
English 1301
March 3, 2016
Projection from The Tyranny of Evil Men
In her essay “In The Combat Zone,” Leslie Marmon Silko writes, “Women must learn how to take aggressive action individually, apart from the police and the courts.” I agree with her. Women can project themselves in most case if they are independent and have knowledge about defending themselves. I am a girl and I am aware that women learning how to protect themselves from the tyranny of evil men is very important.
First at all, women could not become the victims of attackers if they have been equipped with basic knowledge of how to protect themselves. It is obvious that police cannot stay with us all time. Therefore, women should try defend themselves and not expect to get help from others. Many robberies and rapes happen because women do not know what to do at this time to escape from danger. That is why women are easy targets for strangers. Nowadays, many people create videos to show predatory attacks or raping and figure out how to handle the situation. Women should be taking the time to watch and prepare themselves. The video can help them cope with these dangers. For example, I saw a video posted by a Vietnamese guy on the Internet last month. Some valuable lessons that I learned from that video will help women to get out from the sex offender. If women are sexually assaulted, they should pretend to be mad, lie that they have HIV virus, or make their face look so filthy to distract the rapist from their process. If they know how to handle emergencies, they will be okay. I applied a valuable lesson that I learned from the Internet once. When I came back to my home from a birthday party by taxi, I was so worried something would happen to me because the taxi driver looked at me out of the corner of his eyes a lot of times. Moreover, he deliberately drove me on a winding road when he could drive a faster way. At that time, I recorded this taxi is license plate. Then, I called my family. Unfortunately, nobody answered. However, I still pretended to talk with them. I told them that I was going home by taxi and a lot of information about that car. Finally, I got home safe because he knew that my relatives got all his information. He did not dare to attack me. Besides that, pepper spray in the handbag is also a good preparation that the experts recommend to women when they go out. It will help women to break the connection when they are attacked.
Secondly, if women stay calm and make wise decisions, they could escape their enemies. Most women are susceptible to losing their temper. When they are in a bad situation, they are often cry and scream. If women are in distress and cry for help, the attacker might lose their control and get desperate. Therefore, in this case, women should keep a cool head to cope with the evildoer. For instance, last year when I stayed in Vietnam, I had one of the most frightening experience of my life, and I will never forget it. I worked in a fast food restaurant, and I often left at 9 pm. Huong was my colleague and I always dropped her off at her house. In my country, motorcycles are the main means of transport. Like every time we are together, we fell into conversation during my motorcycle ride home. Suddenly, I heard the roar of another motorcycle. I looked in the rear view mirror and I saw a black motorbike close behind us. There were two young man riding a bike without helmets. I was a little confused. However, I still kept to drive. Besides that, I was watching every movement while I told my friend about it. The lights were red and I had to stop. They also stopped, but they hit us in the back. At that time, I had an intuition that something awful would happen. I decided to jump the light. Unfortunately, they chased us. They made a parallel pursuit and tried to run us off the road. I was afraid that we would fall off the bike if they kept doing it. At this point, I made a decision: Should I stop and give them what they want? Would I do everything in our power to get away? For a moment, I chose to cut them off. I sped up. Finally, I was pulling clear of them. I rejoiced and we got away. If I lost control because of fear at this time, and I could not make a quick decision, I thought a bad thing could happen.
Thirdly, women should not be an object of attention to avoid attack. To be none the worse, women should not walk or drive alone on an empty street or after dark because they can easily fall into the hands of robbers or rapists. At this point, if women go out at the end of day, they will be like meat and the violent stranger like the sharks. In some cases, they should ask someone to go with them. Moreover, women should not wear a lot of jewelry when they go out because it will stir up human greed. Three years ago, the news mentioned a thief. The victim was a girl who lived in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She drove a motorcycle on a quiet street in a suburb thirty miles from the big city. This girl wore a short skirt and a great number of gold bracelets. The robbers were two guys that watched over her since she left her home. They did the heist as the girl drove through an empty area. They cut her right arm off with the murder weapon to get all of her gold bracelets. Then, they also robbed her motor bike and ran away. The girl was seriously injured and she laid unconscious. That was a valuable lesson for women who often wear a lot of expensive jewelry and move alone on the empty street. It is very dangerous.
In conclusion, women should be strong and learn many ways to defend themselves. Women will never become a victim of rape or robberies if they know how to escape from the danger. They also stay safe if they keep a cool head and make good decisions when they have to confront danger. Besides that, women can protect themselves from the tyranny of evil men if they avoid drawing too much attention to themselves.

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