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Being a successful businessman is what my soul yearns for. This emanated from the manner in which my late father nurtured his small-scale business to glory. That enthusiastic business mindedness of my father has, enhanced my desire to pursue same ambition and that resulted to abandoning my profession as a laboratory technologist for business.

However, as soon as I graduated and had access to our family business in the city of Lagos-Nigeria, I took charge of the business operations for ten years (1996-2006) supervising and ensuring my heritage never went down the drain. Being ambitious with the alacrity and enthusiasm for greatness, the business grew and expanded amazingly despite my little knowledge of business ethics.

Therefore, in a bid to realize our goal of developing the business into international one, I started the business career from the foundation level and finally acquired my BA (Hons) Business Management degree. I also have City and Guilds certificate in basic IT skills and very fluent in both written and oral communications in English language.

More so, my choice of MBA is primarily because it is a progression of my career and it will fully equip me with the necessary skills required for the advancement of our family business. Additionally, since my dream is to become an international businessperson, this course of study will facilitate its realization, which the course content reveals. Furthermore, my choice of MBA stems from the special interest, which, in the first instance compelled me to study Business Management in my first-degree program. This course will expose me to many business opportunities and make me fully equipped to face business challenges cum making me marketable in both the public and private sectors of virtually every field of human endeavour. It will also enable me to develop a holistic and

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