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1) What is management? Why is management necessary? How do you think management has evolved?
Management is the sole initiative of running a business. It institutes certain priorities of organization that will determine the success or failure of any business, organization, team function, or anything that requires multiple individuals working together. Good Management is necessary for the success of any business. It also is necessary because it implements rules and regulations to keep the workplace flowing in an orderly fashion. Without it there would be chaos and production would be compromised. Management has evolved through implementing the use of the advancement in modern technology to make job performance more efficient while increasing production at the same time.
2) What are the four functions of management? What do the four functions of management have in common? How do managers at different levels apply the four functions of management?
The four primary functions include planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. The four listed functions work together for effectiveness of management. The management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are widely considered to be the best means of description of a manager’s job. Thus requiring managers to implement these functions in order to reach company goals and maintain a competitive advantage. Managers at different levels use these four functions to manage a business successfully; whether the business is large in size or small. The only difference is that managers at a higher level time may vary spent on all functions.

3) What is the purpose of environmental scanning? How has the management of your organization been influenced by external and internal factors?
The purpose of environmental scanning is to keep track of what their competitors and customers are up too. Environmental...

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