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Dq1- Hx Timeline of Nursing

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The historical timeline provides a quite shocking context to understand current practice. The advancements made in technology, and medicine in general seem overwhelming when lined up as the timeline shows.

One major trend noticeable is the development of specialized associations. Evolving from the nursing order with St. Benedict in 250 BC to the Kentucky Committee for Mothers and Babies, to Mabel Staupers with the National Association of colored graduate nurses in 1934, to the modern day American Nurses Association show the advancement of a professional code of nursing that outlines roles and duties and the code of nursing that built the respected nursing profession. These specialized associations guided the nursing field’s growth, and helped nurses adapt to new technology, and learn current techniques to help maintain patient safety with each advancement made, while maintaining the respect and integrity of the profession. The common denominator in theses associations is the push continuing education.

The second trend is the use of Evidence Based Practice. Florence Nightingale, she revolutionized the nursing profession with her astute observation skills. Because of her, we completely changed the way we view germs with her ideas about health and disease. It is not acceptable for patients to live in filth. Most of our procedural duties stem from her original idea that filth causes disease. Nurses are expected to maintain a clean sanitary environment without causing hospital-acquired infections. Nursing procedure has continued to evolve with evidence-based practice to keep patients healthy.

The third major trend is simply continuing education. To see where nursing began, and what it has evolved is a huge leap in technology and education. In order to preserve what has been learned, and to continue making improvements in health care a nurses education must be...

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