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Dr. Hodges Study Guide- 3 essay questions and 38 multiple choice and/or T/F
Possible Essay Topics
Please identify 2 rape myths. Tell why these are myths instead of truth. (See Chapter 9)

1. What are 3 ways of coping with stress? (As discussed in class) * change stressor * change how you think about the stressor * distraction/procrastination

2. Why might a victim of domestic violence stay with their partner? (List 3 reasons) * Love * Fear * Economic Dependence * Children
3. What are the differences between sex, gender and gender expression? Explain. ( See chapter 9) * Sex: is biological. It is what you were born male/female * Gender: is the psychological as well as roles and behaviors * Gender expression: how one expresses themselves to the world

Multiple choice and T/F (See chapters 9-11; pages 399-482) 1. Definitions of sex, gender and gender expression 2. Understanding social construction of gender * Society shapes the idea of men/women * Is it biological/ societal 3. Differences between men/women (see page 407) * Review bullet points 4. Sexual Harrassment (see page 412) * define quid pro quo * hostile work place * if being harassed must tell someone in authority * don’t need to show proof * ie. no promotion, demoted 5. Rape/sexual assault * why is it under reported * ie. embarrassment, stigma, shame, fault, justice system 6. 3 therories of rape/ why rape happens (see page 418) * victim precipitated * rapist psychpathology * feminist theory * What is it about our culture that makes rape common; Why is our culture not teaching boys not to rape 7. Domestic Violence (see page 426) * Why victim stays * Cycle of violence 8. Biology of young and middle adult hood (see page 433-444) * Breast Cancer * areas of greater…...

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