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This article has reviewed research results of reaction of share prices to earnings announcements from both China and developed countries, and has used event study method to focus on earnings announcements and share prices of all 29 real estate companies listed in Shanghai A-share market from 31 July 2012 to 30 Jun 2013. The event date was selected on the day when earnings for the year 2012 were announced. The method for calculating normal performance of shares was market model.

The result of study showed that there was no significant reaction of share prices to earnings announcement containing good news in event window during [-30, -1] and [-1, +1], except 6 days before announcement day, 1 day before announcement day, and there was a significant reaction of share prices of real estate sector in Shanghai A-share market to earnings announcements containing good news in event window during [+1, +30]. For earnings announcements containing bad news, according to event study, we found no significant reaction of share prices of real estate sector in Shanghai A-share market in the event window between [-30, -1], [-1, +1] and [+1, +30], except 18 days and 7 days before earnings announcement day, 9 days, 21 days and 30 days after earnings announcement day. And we reached the conclusion that the real estate sector in Shanghai A-share does not conform to semi-strong form market efficiency.

Key words: earnings announcement, share price, efficient market hypothesis, event studies, Chinese real estate market



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