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Dr. Staurowsky: The Inclusion Of Women In Professional Sports

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Dr. Staurowsky first makes clear her field and her area of study is in professional sports and the governing and administrating of those sports. She defines this to tell us that studies on grass root and “ground level” sports, such as minor league baseball, are slim. The interview continues and Dr. Staurowsky speaks about the “barriers” that are keeping inclusion and diversity out of the sports industry. She discusses three different types of decision-making that often hinder the inclusion of women in sport organizations. The first being overtly and openly against the hiring of women, which has been “largely shut down” do to civil rights and equal opportunity laws. The next level is more covert and under the radar. For example, if you are going to hire someone, but part of the job description requires you to be 6 and ½ ft tall, then there is a chance the hiring manager is looking for male applicants, seeing how more males than females are that height. …show more content…
Staurowsky calls it the “labyrinth.” She explains it by saying that the steps to make progress in your career or be successful are more open and available to men, than they are women. When asked about what can be done to bring a culture of inclusion and diversity to sports, Dr. Staurowsky had two major solutions. First people must recognize that minorities have had success in the past, within sport organizations (EX: Billy Jean King and Effa Manley), and we must give them credit for that progress. Second, the culture of any organization or business starts at the top and makes its way down. So leadership of the NCAA and professional sport leagues, have to establish that culture, through actions and training/programs, and let it permeate throughout their

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