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Metric | Imperial | 1 millimetre [mm] | 0.03937 in | 1 centimetre [cm] | 10 mm | 0.3937 in | 1 metre [m] | 100 cm | 1.0936 yd | 1 kilometre [km] | 1000 m | 0.6214 mile | | Imperial | Metric | 1 inch [in] | 2.54 cm | | | | 1 foot [ft] | 12 in | 0.3048 m | | | | 1 yard [yd] | 3 ft | 0.9144 m | | | | 1 mile | 1760 yd | 1.6093 km | | | | 1 int nautical mile | 2025.4 yd | 1.853 km | | Metric | Imperial | 1 sq cm [cm2] | 100 mm2 | 0.1550 in2 | 1 sq m [m2] | 10,000 cm2 | 1.1960 yd2 | 1 hectare [ha] | 10,000 m2 | 2.4711 acres | 1 sq km [km2] | 100 ha | 0.3861 mile2 |

Imperial | Metric | 1 sq inch [in2] | 6.4516 cm2 | 1 sq foot [sq ft] | 144 in2 | 0.0929 m2 | 1 sq yd [yd2] | 9 sq ft | 0.8361 m2 | 1 acre | 4840 yd2 | 4046.9 m2 | 1 sq mile [mile2] | 640 acres | 2.59 km2 | Metric | Imperial | 1 cu cm [cm3] | 0.0610 in3 | 1 cu decimetre [dm3] | 1,000 cm3 | 0.0353 ft3 | 1 cu metre [m3] | 1,000 dm3 | 1.3080 yd3 | 1 litre [l] | 1 dm3 | 1.76 pt | 1 hectolitre [hl] | 100 l | 21.997 gal |

Imperial | Metric | 1 cu inch [in3] | 16.387 cm3 | 1 cu foot [ft3] | 1,728 in3 | 0.0283 m3 | 1 fluid ounce [fl oz] | 28.413 ml | 1 pint [pt] | 20 fl oz | 0.5683 l | 1 gallon [gal] | 8 pt | 4.5461 l |

USA measure | Metric | 1 fluid ounce | 1.0408 uk fl oz | 29.574 ml | 1 pint (16 fl oz) | 0.8327 uk pt | 0.4731 l | 1 gallon | 0.8327 uk gal | 3.7854 l | Metric | Imperial | 1 milligram [mg] | 0.0154 grain | 1 gram [g] | 1,000 mg | 0.0353 oz | 1 kilogram [kg] | 1,000 g | 2.2046 lb | | | | 1 tonne [t] | 1,000 kg | 0.9842 ton |

Imperial | Metric | 1 ounce [oz] | 437.5 grain | 28.35 g | 1 pound [lb] | 16 oz | 0.4536 kg | 1 stone | 14 lb | 6.3503 kg | 1 hundredweight [cwt] | 112 lb | 50.802 kg | 1 long ton (uk) | 20 cwt | 1.016 t |

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