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Consumer market for designer apparel has become more varied today by surge of designer brands, brand stores, store brands, customization, promotions, fashion events, etc. The purpose of this study is to understand the Indian buying behavior with respect to designer apparel like clothing, jackets, ties and many others. It was found that with rise in the disposable income people were shifting towards buying designer labels. Presently 1/6th of world population uses desiner apparels. The apparels were brought for varied purposes such as party wear, casual wear, and special occasion wear. There was awareness of both national and international brands like Prada, Gucci, Armani, Ritu Kumar, Tarun Tehalani, Manish Malhotra and others. Consumers across both sexes, both young and old were buying designer wear though only in urban areas amongst educated and middle to high income groups.

The apparel industry is greatly influenced by the ever changing consumer demand and preferences. National and international trends keep changing every season, every year. Indian consumers are increasingly becoming aware about the designer labels. Higher disposable income, credit facilities, e commerce, mobile wallets are all helping in making spur of moment decisions and facilitate buying.

This is a study of the circumstances leading to, influencing factors, steps involved, time taken, marketing implications and other factors involved in the purchase of designer apparels.


1. To study the circumstances that trigger the need for purchase of designer apparel

2. To identify the key decisions in buying designer apparel

3. Steps involved in consumer purchase, decision process and time required at each step.

4. Decision making unit involved in the purchase of designer apparel

5. Factors influencing decision...

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