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Dream Chaser Ferdinand

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Dream Chaser Ferdinand Once upon a time, in a gear city lived a young gear called Ferdinand. He was made by the best material in the world, his body was strong, shining and in a perfect shape of a circle. Therefore he could trundle so fast that no one in the country was faster than him. Like most of the good runners in the gear world, Ferdinand began to look forward to going to the gear haven, where people said that there lived all the best runners in the world. The only way he could reach the gear haven was through the endless path in the outskirt of the city. So with great passion, the Ferdinand hit his road. Just as the name endless path implied, there was a long way for Ferdinand to go. Day by day he just kept trundling very fast and couldn’t see where the end was. The lily on the road side spoke to him:“Ferdinand, please stop and take a rest, flowers are blossoming!” But Ferdinand didn’t listen to her, he just kept running, the wind he made bent the lily. The parrot on the sky spoke to him: “Ferdinand, please stop and take a rest, birds are singing!” But Ferdinand didn’t listen to him; he continued his endless journey. The dust he made stained the parrot’s feather. One day, when Ferdinand was trundling through a tough road, he was knocked by gravel; he lost one of his parts and could no longer run so fast. Nervously Ferdinand began to find his lost part. He asked the lily: “Hi lily, could you please tell me where my lost part is?” “Sorry I can’t, but I can show you the blossom of the most beautiful flower.” aid lily. Ferdinand didn’t get his lost part, but he saw the most beautiful blossom. Then he asked the parrot: “Hi parrot, could you please tell me where my lost part is?” “Sorry I can’t, but I can give you one piece my most gorgeous feather.” said the parrot. Again Ferdinand didn’t get his lost part, but he got a piece of the most gorgeous feathers in the world. One day, when Ferdinand was still finding his lost part, he came across an old gear. The old gear was so old and weak that all his parts were rusted except for one. “Why are you sitting on the half way to the gear haven? And why are you so weak?” asked Ferdinand. “When I was young, as young as you, I was also the best runner; I ran so hard and fast, never care about other things. But as time went by, I was constantly hurt by rocks and gravels, and was eroded by heavy rain. Now I’m too old and weak to trundle any more.” said the old gear. Ferdinand was shocked, but he still believed in himself that so long as he found his lost part, he was bound to succeed. So again he asked the old gear: “Could you please tell me where my lost part is?” “I’m sorry, little boy, I can’t tell you where it is, but I can give my part to you,” said the old gear, difficulty moving his rusted body and took off his last intact part. “But should pay for it, can you give me the most gorgeous feather and tell me how the flower blossoms?” Without hesitate, Ferdinand gave all these to him and got what he want. He was happy because he thought he was perfect again, but somehow, there was still a sense of loss. Now Ferdinand could run even fast, maybe he had become the fastest runner throughout the history. Two years later, Ferdinand finally came to the end of the endless path; the gear haven was not far away—there was a castle in front of him. Excitedly Ferdinand pushed the door, picturing his bright future with all the best gears in the world. But life was always surprise. Once Ferdinand opened the door; he was drowned by the sea of moan—there were countless gears, torn and rusted. Is this the haven of gear? The elder of the gear haven saw Ferdinand, he came up to him and said: “Young man, please go back to your country, actually the gear haven is not a haven. Gears spent their whole life pursuing their dream place, but when they actually arrived, they’ve become old and torn, gear haven is no longer a haven.” Hearing the elder’s words, Ferdinand slowly took off the new part he got from the old gear two years ago, and trundled out of the castle. He had a new dream to be a traveler, he want to see the most beautiful blossom, listen to the birds’ pleasant song, and experience the goodness of life.

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